You wanna visit our place?

We Five. Vishnu, Gopi, Sudharsan, Santy and myself alagiri lived one beautiful life at Chennai..

We lived in kottivakkam, near the RTO office for 25 to 30 days and later we moved to Keel kattalai, Our kingdom mentioned in this post.

Keelkattalai has a small bus terminus and lot of ditches which are uncleaned for years.. It also has the world renowned muniyandi vilas, lot of petty shops, Krishna vilas (Popularly known as Veg restaurant in our house), chettinad hotel and a lot of fruit juice stalls.. Not only eateries, our place also has a utensil shop whose owner welcomed us on the first day and also a very good friend of us… Our place also has 5 to 6 malligai kadai’s out of which 2 sells fake cool drinks.. But when it comes to temple, it is sparse to nil… This is our place in nutshell may be in the coming posts we will try to give a more informations about it..

So, what should you do if you want to visit us? Say you are  cab driver or someone ask us where we stay, we will reply back saying “we stay at keelkattalai which is on the Medavakkam goot road and next to Madippakkam. ” But if some outsider (Non-Chennai-ite) asks us the same questions we say, we stay next to velacherry just to increase our gethu by making them feel we live in city… (Silly, but we do it!)

Okay.. All is well.. But what will you do if you want to meet us.. Same dialogue, if you are a  cab driver or a relative of any of us ask “Where is your place in Keelkattali?”.. we will reply back saying , move straight down the road which is right opposite to Keelkattalai bus terminus and then take the second right and after which pick up the second left from there… If you have reached this lane “properly” then move until you find “Arun Mechanic” shop on the same lane.. For your identification the Arun Mechanic Shop will have  phone number written over its wall with a font size of 3000 to 3500 ..And then you all you have to do is find the apartment which is adjacent to Arun Mechanic shop..

If you have found the apartment then you have almost reached but not completely then you have to find the palace which is numbered 2 in the same apartments and for your notice it is in the ground floor the same…

then comes the last step knock the door.. Knock.. Knock… Knock.. and wait for 6 to 7 minutes for any kind of reply and then after another 3 minutes the door will be opened… Before meeting us warm air will gush all over your face and it would be approximately 31 to 33 degree Celsius when the temperature of Chennai is around 29..  If the temperature of Singara Chennai increases then the temperature of the palace would increase (OB).. Oh yeah, back to meeting us,  one of the 4 prince or the king would ask you “enna venum?”… If he interested he will call you inside or will say come another day…

And that is how you can meet us in our own kingdom, Keelkattalai..

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